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Make it conversational and offer start interactive conversations. Deliver an exciting and novel experience like never before.

Easy setup and operational within days!  The beauty of ChatGPT lies in its ability to deliver human-like and engaging conversations, continually improving and learning from each interaction.

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Combine ChatGPT, Content upload from a PDF or Webpage, and the JTBD Structure

Ready to uncover new avenues for growth? Redirect your focus from your solutions to the individuals you cater to. While this change of perspective requires a bit of practice, a structured approach like Jobs to be Done (JTBD) can greatly assist.



JTBD, an innovative framework, allows you to understand your market from a fresh viewpoint and comprehend what people aim to achieve — independent of your product or service. It brings an organized approach to analyzing information, separating the who, what, how, why, and when/where.

We help you orchestrating the process

In comes our ChatGPT-based Concierge Bot, an application of this principle, designed to understand and serve your customers better. It answers customer queries round-the-clock, keeping their needs and convenience at the forefront. Quick to set up and easy to maintain, it’s a perfect tool to help you apply the JTBD approach effectively in your business.

Put yourself into the shoes of your Audience for best results

Get the help of a Canvas to conzeptionalize your project. Read more and download the Canvas,or get support with this framework based on the Pain Points customers face. Watch video explainer from Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business School.

Define the style, personality and the outcome as a funnel

DiALOGiFY’s Conversational Cloud let’s you be in the driving seat to make sure your new virtual employee guides your customers to the right point.

Never been an easier Set up. Within days.

Experience ease, speed, and efficiency with FAQ Bot. Seamlessly answer customer queries round-the-clock, capture leads, raise tickets, and connect to live chat and other systems – all through your chatbot and FAQ webpages. It’s quick to set up and effortlessly maintainable, offering a comprehensive solution to support, sell, and engage. Do it all with FAQ Bot from DiALOGiFY.

Use any touchpoints

Webpages, apps, e-commerce stores, social media even physical retail can be your touchpoints to initiate the interaction with your customers.

Accessible on any device

Your customers can connect to the Personal Profile & Product Matcher on any device through API, QR scan, or NFC.

Simple questions to build powerful profiles

Customize the questions that are important for your business and create a powerful questionnaire that will build strong customer profiles.

Our solutions are built with your customers in mind

DiALOGiFY ensures that every customer enjoys the best product experience. Our products can be catered to fit any customer’s needs.

Catered to all industries

Since our solutions are 100% customizable to meet client’s requirements, Personal profile & Product Matcher can benefit any type of industry or business.

Be efficient in building email lists

Although your marketing activities generate many leads, subscriptions, or inquiries, one of the major problems that many businesses face today is low subscription rates. Your consumers do not want to get another newsletter in their inbox. Stop asking for Newsletter subscriptions!

Revolutionize the way you build customer profiles

Build customer profiles by gradually learning about your customer. Continuously ask questions and offer relevant products based on their answers.

Convert inbound leads fast

By knowing what your customers want, you will be able to offer the most relevant options minimizing the time spent on unnecessary browsing.

Straightforward integration with your CRM

DiALOGiFY solutions can be easily integrated into your existing CRM to further enhance existing customer profiles.

Build lasting relationships with your customers

Engage with your customers on a personal level. Ask and listen to what they are interested in and help solve their problems effectively.

Use ready-made templates for ChatGPT Prompts

We have a bunch of ready-made templates for you to use to kick off your interactions with your customers in no time. It’s never been easier to start!

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How does it work?

    1. CRAFT AN ENGAGING CONVERSATIONAL FUNNEL: Initiate interaction with an eye-catching hook across different customer touchpoints.
    2. INTERACT THROUGH Q&A FORMAT: Implement a sequence of questions, providing relevant options for the customer to choose from. This facilitates a smooth, guided conversation.
    3. INCLUDE POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS: Use supportive language, such as “Excellent question!” or “That’s a popular pick!” to reinforce the customer’s engagement.
    4. LEVERAGE GOOGLE SHEETS FOR CONTENT: Connect Google Sheets to your chatbot as a flexible and easily accessible content management system. This allows you to dynamically populate answers and update content in real-time without any coding necessary.
    5. CONTINUOUS MONITORING AND ADJUSTMENT: Use data from Google Analytics and other integrations to constantly review and adjust the chatbot’s performance and interactions, ensuring an adaptive and responsive customer experience.

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Urs Odermatt

“How to get even closer to the consumer”

Urs Odermatt, L’Oréal

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Urs Gerber

“The Dialogify chat dialogs are fast, easy, direct and personal”

Urs Gerber, Volvo Group (Schweiz) AG

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Andreas Trumpler

“Dialog automation belongs to the new era of conversational marketing”

Andreas Trümpler, Rimuss & Strada Wein AG

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Samuel Schuler

“We focus on personalisation as customer experience”

Samuel Schuler, SCHULER St. Jakobskellerei

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“Finally we do communicate directly with our end customers.”

Thomas von Allmen, TAVORA AG

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Sara Bätschmann

“Easy-going, expert and very personal advice and support.”

Sara Bätschmann, RIVELLA AG

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