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Dominic Bolliger

Co-Founder / CEO

Expert in International Business Development, Marketeer & World citizen

Ex Lindt&Sprüngli, Diageo, Bel France

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Daniel Heller

Co-Founder / CFO

Market Research-Expert

Ex Nielsen

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Dejan Milosavljevic

Co-founder / CIO

SAAS Pioneer, Scrum Master Coach, Entrepreneur

Ex Comparis Head of Software Development

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Abdallah Ehab

Co-founder /
Head of Development

Seasoned Tech Allrounder

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Dragana Karadžić

Testing & QM

Stefan Kostic

Full Stack Dev

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Vlada Vucetic

Full Stack & App Dev

Francesca Prospero Cerza

Sales Coordinator

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Sales & Growth

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Internship Marketing & Sales

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Open to apply

Trainee Sales & Growth

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Product Owner

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Customer Success

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Marketing & Events

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Data Scientist


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Mohsin Kazmi

Growth mindset

PME FOCUS, Scaling Up Certified Coach
Ex McDonalds, DELL

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Sophie Hundertmark

Ethics & ChatGPT

Chatbot Expert, Doctoral candidate, HSLU

Dominic Mehr

Corporate Venturing

Stryber, Ex CEO & Co-Founder Miacar AG, Ex COO & Co-Founder Bring! Labs AG

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Marcel Haertlein

Customer Face

Group Head Digital, Member of the Executive Board at Lalique Group, Ex Global Head of Digital Transformation at the Emmi Group (, Ex KPMG Schweiz


Esther Avatar 1

Esther Pfister

Digital Commerce Expert

Severin Lienhard

Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Strategies

Timo Avatar 2

Timo Wäschle

Storytelling & Videomarketing

Christian Avatar

Christian Naef

Sales Automation