Dialog Automation by Scoutsss is constantly evolving. Here we inform you about new features, improvements and fixes.

August 2021

New Attributes manager for business.
Option to enable/disable enlarging images on click in dialogs.
Support voucher QR code placeholder in interactions and alerts: {voucherQR.ID}
Show the modal view on clicking the results icon to update the choices weights from one view.
Upgrade Wheel of Fortune design elements
Option to set each segment font color for the wheel.
Option to set gradient color for the wheel.
Possibility to have the wheel segment text on multiple lines using <br> tag.
Option to set tooltips/popups for each wheel segment on hovering for desktop and on pressing for mobile.
Availability of RecordExistsCount user attributes which holds the count of existing previous records for a specific task so it can be used in conditions to allow the user to participate for a certain number of times.
Disable auto capitalization of the first letter of the email input in the dialog.
Support jump task without conditions.
Save the selected answer if the option selected has a URL that opens in the same page.
Adjust the payment attribute to use the new campaign id on campaign duplication.
Identify the user in static dialogs if the UID is passed in the URL.
Save the MailChimp list name beside the integrated account name.
Ability to delete a user attribute from the user profile
Delete the dialog cached version for a specific language if it’s no longer checked in the campaign languages.
Load dialog link default subdomain from the business short name.
A link to open the campaign of event interaction in a new window in the tasks list.
Show the default value of an interaction in the tasks list.
Make all google address parts checked by default and show an alert if no address part is checked.
Show an alert if no “Jump to” task is selected in the Jump task type and add an option “Select interaction …” as the first option.
Show the event name in the Jump to interactions list.
Increase the width of the number field in the dialog to show the full placeholder.
Use the desktop background for iPads.

Using dialogify.io for the dialog links with the business short name as a subdomain. The subdomain is customizable from the Get Link.
Keep the brand subdomain in the final dialog link if it’s opened from a short/personalized link for both scoutsss.com and dialogify.io, ex: https://birkenstock.dialogify.io/35D98E
Check if a record exists with the option to define the dialogue statuses to check in the interaction settings.
Conditional auto approval interaction in the launch step to select which answers will trigger the approval of the dialogue to be marked completed.
Facebook/Twitter preview title, description and image definition in the general step in the builder.
Custom No Quota message with translations
Saving user detected country/city/browser name/version/os name/version to the profile
Save cached static dialogs as HTML files and load them from there to speed up the loading of dialogs final links. Dialog static versions are updated on saving the builder steps of the dialog. If they don’t exist, they load normally as before.
Fix short links (4848.io) duplication issue.
Separation of dialog assets javascript/styles code from the static dialog cached version to be loaded from the same files for all the static dialogs and to receive future updates from there without having to update the static dialogs.
Minimize builder tasks width if the preview dialog is opened.
Feedback centered right/left rotated 90 degree button in widget options: vertical position.
Show the first question option in the widget options.
Show the large full avatar in the widget options.
Fix issue in “Close” button of widget options
Fix issue in loading reports other than the default report.
Dialog flow with date range.
Fix issues in locations import
Apply translations on both production servers sequentially.
Fix issue in import members in brand groups and recognizing email with hyperlink.
Support hide interaction text for single and A/B interaction types
Show the joining operator in conditions only if it’s more than 1 condition
Preview interaction icon.
Show dialog flow icon in the campaigns list for admins
Dialog –  refresh the dialog to start over if the dialog is expired.
Fix password reset issue.

July 2021

Voucher placeholder in the alerts: {voucher.ID}. Voucher to set up in the vouchers management first as a “Digital” voucher type, codes to be uploaded. https://business.dialogify.io/vouchers. The ID of the voucher shows now in the list.

Validate email/record against previous records: In the text interaction -> settings -> a new checkbox is added:


Checking this checkbox will check the entered answer against all previous answers in that task in the completed/approved jobs. If it exists, it will set the user attribute RecordExists to Yes. If not, it will be No. So, it can be used in the following interactions as a condition.
Support conditions in the swiper cards
App: Show campaign locations to the users in “Visible” location attribute only if that attribute exists.

June 2021

Builder – Show interaction voucher code counts: total, available, redeemed.

Save dialog visits.

Shopify Carousel task type full features:

Option to show product avg. ratings/reviews

Option to sort by name, price, date ascending or descending

Option to show more

Option to start over

Option to quick view button

Option to add to cart

Option to show product store page

Option to show product picture

Option to show promotion

Option to show price

Option to show old price

Option to set maximum products

Dialog web-module fixes on embedded shopify/web pages.

Builder edit campaign opening speed up -> more improvements and fixed remaining issues.

Default interaction custom placeholder to show the default value in the field.

Hide VoucherCode attribute from the options to save the interaction answer as attribute.

Builder – text interaction date validation –  custom date validation.

Disable “Send on Enter” if “Google address suggestions” is enabled.

Show exclude welcome interaction option for App campaigns

Brand groups – import members – status of the imported member is green automatically if Send Invitations was off during the import.

Footer links separator to take the same color defined for the footer links.

Mai 2021

Reports generation on the serverless EC containers outside the servers to support large reports.
Export Excel & Export CSV moved to the serverless EC containers to support large reports export.
UI Update of campaign dashboard “Load data”: it shows the loading indicator with a message in the place of the report and automatically updates the view once the report is ready + sends an email notification (if it took more than 30 seconds).  For the excel export, it shows a progress bar and redirects the business to the file to download when it’s ready. On impersonation, the notification email is sent to the admin email, not the impersonated business email.
Builder  & campaign dashboard restricted access settings.
Set custom colors for user avatar, skip, I don’t know, footer links, links background color
New KlickTipp integration
New Shopify integration
New Facebook pixel integration
Saving the email alert content to show it in the alerts log in the user profile
Hiding Interaction type text option.
Support placeholder of A/B task in the alerts same as the single-select
Handle a case in SAP integration if a mapped answer doesn’t exist
MailChimp to update contact attributes if it already exists.
Task voucher codes validation type with upload codes and show codes with statuses (redeemed/available/invalid) + user.VoucherCode attribute to validate the task and show relevant results.
Dialog Web-Module (dialog block + animated avatar +  full screen dialog on click…etc) for Shopify and web pages:

– Load first interaction beside the avatar
– Dialog settings to be loaded dynamically from the campaign settings including avatar, background color, image, first interaction text and options.. etc
– Dialog block to stay fixed and to jump back to the first question if another option is picked
–  Avatar to animate from one interaction to the other
Updates on Get link
Clean task option translations from any HTML tags on import.
Support passing transparent and header settings in the static dialog links.
Open the starting of the dialog of the transcripts if the transcript of an incident is opened.
Persistent saving of the transcripts.
Fix wheel saving issues if no answer returned from the server.
User profile -> Edit basic fields with additional fields (Gender/Birthday/Culture) for both admin & business.
Brand group -> import members -> Send invitation as an option with default No and a confirmation if Yes is selected.
Cancel alert button to close the alert without reloading the page.
Fix a bug that shows “Select language” on a new campaign adding a new task.
Hide Interaction types Jump, Information, Tag, Incident from the campaign dashboard report page
Dialog – Date picker various upgrades
Update user attribute for business agreement acceptance to BusinessPrivacyAccepted and save the date and the campaignId where he accepted
Use the long link to the direct link in the locations QR codes export.
Fix issue if formulas had errors.
User profile – Show send email only if there is email,  send sms only if there is a phone number.
User profile – show Recipient column in the alerts log.
Fix issue in static dialog detection of country
Fix issue in submission of the record video task.
Shopify carousel interaction typeBusiness users list: remove dummy names, show first and last name names from the business attributes,  remove age and gender for the business.

April 2021

Builder/Dialog – Campaign closing text with localization.

Dialog – save answer duration.

Support URL to continue the job placeholder in the alerts.

Builder – Record video task type for App – enable camera switch.

Show Culture, Gender attributes in the integrations fields mapping.

Include business-related attributes only in the users export.

Include answer duration in the campaign export as an option.

Prioritize google suggestions by  the user detected country.

Brand group sync contacts.

Update static dialog on saving.

Support custom placeholder for the dialog text input field.

Save a user business attribute for accepting the terms so it doesn’t show again if accepted before.

Support PDF link placeholder in the reminders.

Load user business attributes instead of general attributes in the mail list fields mapping sync.

Fix issue with the payment URL after success on Chrome in identifying the same user again.

Sync MailChimp/ActiveCampaign/..etc contacts only with the first interaction to approve if auto-approval is selected.

User profile Edit basic fields

Builder – task settings – Support Birthday in the “Set default value” list of attributes

March 2021

Sending emails new with Amazon SES, change from Sendgrid
New functionality: Record video task type.
Campaign dashboard – Show record video task type results & export
Jobs validation – Show record video task type in jobs validation and job PDF.
iOS & Android apps released on both stores with record video task type – upgrade is forced
Updating server production architecture
New: Set message alert trigger type to be once the conditions are met or on submission only.
User profile – new alerts journal
User profile – Done dialogs tab
New: Chat transcripts including URL
Fix the issue of dashboard occasional language change and translations mix
Fix anchor button not fully visible issue in embedded widgets.
Wheel of fortune: Speed up the calculation before starting rotation
Send internal notifications on integration errors
Fix user manager export issue + support exporting the phone number column.
Ability to paste HTML code in the text editor from the <> menu option for admins.
Show interaction content without formulas/placeholders the same as shown to the user in the jobs validation and job PDF.
Updating Webchat UI: Have the finger at the wheel center with a white background.
Updating Webchat UI: Put the horizontal scrollbar column in the center if it’s just 1 column.
Updating Webchat UI: Remove spaces from the top in the horizontal scrollbar if there are no images.
Updating Webchat UI: New green button for horizontal scrollbar and photo interaction (centered, animated, larger size).
New Webchat UI: Horizontal scrollbar arrows to the middle of the image if exist or with the line of the label if no images.
Don’t auto-reset attributes on starting incidents inside main dialog.

February 2021

Deployment of Amazon SSL certificate/LoadBalancer/CloudFront on production.
Dialog – Send on Enter as option for text interaction
Copy jump to task settings on campaign duplication
Media library add folder/edit items and add them to folders, delete media library items
Open PDF/GIF/Video file details in media library to edit and copy link
Disable refreshing to the basic dialog link after the Stripe payment URL is already used
Builder preview button
Builder: Always show the translations tab, adjust the builder tabs saving sequence
Move Get link under Touchpoints
Show media library icon beside choice open URL to pick the file
Webchat UI: Fix sub choices alignment when they don’t all have the same number of choices
New horizontal scrollbar
Single choice inside single choice subchoices to move forward without having to click the green button
Handle the case when a payment was initiated from an incident/event inside a widget on a web page so the back URL should go back to the webpage and open the widget to continue from there and saving the payment result attribute in the correct incident/event campaign.
Dialog webpage template
Prevent saving HTML codes except <br> in the task choices
Always show the subchoices in a horizontal scrollbar even if there is no image

January 2021

New language “nl-BE” deployment.
New: Business CRM (Users management + User profile for business)
Include “Mark as Event” and “Auto start” options on duplicating a campaign
Load user attributes per business
Validation of the reply-to email in the alerts
New function: Upload PDF in the photo interaction type
Campaign dashboard – Show PDF files in the campaign photo task results
Campaign export – include PDF links in the photo task export
Jobs validation – Show PDFs in the photo task
Static dialog to instantly start without loading time
New: DialogDevice attribute
Fix the null error issue on starting the dialog, replacing the null with a readable text.
Show the campaign internal name in the builder header
Builder – Make incident placeholders available in the placeholders list – they should be available in the dialog after the incident
Enable “Show options in separate lines” setting for the multiple select task too
Adding Belgium to the list of Google address suggestions countries
Enable “Show label” and “Load subchocies” for choices without images
Dialog – Show an horizontal custom scrollbar for single/multiple choices with images
Including choice selected in Google analytics as event
Fix Min for multiple choices with sub tasks
Fix a bug in jump back task when it’s with conditions on Event tasks that it keeps jumping back
Support delay for the jump task
New: [countdown] brackets to support content shown in case of later campaign start in description field
Default value for date – support {today} placeholder
Fix the filter of Web Dialog button in the translations manager to include all tokens in the dailog.
Fix the dialog redirect after the payment to include the user session on Safari so the user stays identified if started from a widget.
Save the payment result attribute to the user profile so it can be used in the alerts
Make possible: Changing main language in builder after a campaign was created
Message alerts: Test button with the last user job data.
Support nested-levels Events (Events within Events)
Show all Events interactions in the conditions of the same campaign.
Support Stripe payment inside a widget to get back to the web page and continue in the widget.
Save the payment details in the payment task and show the details in the Job PDF and Jobs validation.
Adapt to the change of address attributes to Address. prefix (ex: Address.Place, Address.FullAddress … etc)
Support <br> tag in the option names to have them in multiple lines
Move up/down arrows in the tasks list in the builder to support reordering the tasks on touch screens like iPad.
Show deactivated web users in the list of business users in the business manager
Handle conditions for choices of tasks with sub-choices

December 2020

Export users by brand group, business group, attribute.
Support passing parameters in the dialog URL to be loaded as default values in the text tasks.
Fix Stripe back URL and recognize the same user on Safari when the payment is initiated from an embedded dialog on an external website.
Keep the number of lines in the dialog button when it’s embedded on an external website to be the same as in the preview without forcing external styles from the web page.
Make it possible to have minimum 0 with number validation in the text task.
Replace the answer of swiper and horizontal slider tasks with the hint text if it exists instead of comma separated values of the selected options
Support round1,round2,round3 in the formulas to round the number with the 1,2,3 decimal digits rounding (round2 note fixed).
Support [if] brackets to have conditional text. Format is:
[cond]CONDITION HERE[/cond]
[content]CONTENT HERE[/content]
– conditions can have =, >=, <= , >, < AND OR ( )

Example for numbers comparison:
[cond]({task.1502}>=30 AND {task.1502} < 40) OR {task.1502} = 50[/cond]

If you want to compare texts, the task placeholder should be wrapped with “”

Example to check if the text contains something:

Example to check the string length:
[cond]”{task.1502}”.length < 3[/cond]

Example to check if string starts with something:

Example to check if string ends with something:

To invert any condition (else) just wrap it with () and put ! at the beginning:

Ability to start anchor when an incident is started.
Show the JobId in the jobs validation list.

November 2020

Handle German special characters in SMS alerts
Support placeholders in the alert Reply-To Field
Support task weights placeholders in the alerts
Duplicate task choices conditions with the campaign duplication.
Add “Birthday” as attribute to the list of available user attributes
Add click icon to the dialog widget options for the video button.
Add rotating texts with delay to the dialog widget options.
New: Video bubble in the dialog widget options.
Option to show/hide/fix the header of the dialog in the widget option.
Option to show a notification badge on the dialog button in the widget options.
Showing the close/refresh buttons over all other headers in external websites.
Handle hidden interaction inside the incidents.
Duplicate campaign template translations when a campaign template is chosen to start a new campaign.
Make Switzerland the only default checked country in Google address suggestions settings.
Show German special characters (ex: ü ) in the builder tasks list.
Fix issue of importing tasks from another campaign after introducing google attributes.
Disable Google Chrome auto translations.
Webchat UI: Increasing thickness of the dialog task choice border
Webchat UI: Increasing the edit icon size
Webchat UI: Showing the green send icon beside the field with google address suggestions only if a suggestion was picked.
Validating the mobile number minimum and maximum characters according to the selected default country code.
Apply commas between street and street number in all places in the full address coming from google suggestions.
Handle the case of custom terms and conditions using [popup] brackets when both links and multiple-lines contents are used in the same task.
Remove external formatting/HTML tags on pasting content in the editor.

October 2020

Google suggestions: additional feature for selecting countries
Dialog – Phone number validation type – set default country code
Trigger the SAP integration submission after the validation task instead of waiting to finish all the tasks
Builder – import tasks – show the campaign templates, then Scoutsss incidents, then business incidents then business campaigns
Fix the campaign start date invalid date bug
Alerts logs per alert in the alerts center
Fix a bug in getting the touchpoint link if the subdomain was edited
Zip code validation type in the dialog
Show google placeholders in the user attributes to be used in the conditions
Show a video/image icon if the task doesn’t have text
Show the hidden tasks in a grey background in the translations step
Move “Show EVENT campaigns” checkbox in the campaigns list to be under the title and make it checked by default.
Google analytics fixes, tracking events like start, progress in tasks, submission
Hide dialog background if the transparent option is selected
Apply sequential loading for all business dialogs.
Use the amount of number instead of length to compare minimum and maximum for “number” validation type
Showing empty instead of Invalid date in the user profile if the user didn’t accept the new terms.
If choices URL translations do not exist, they should read from the main language
Campaigns list – Make “Show Incident Campaigns” checked by default – move it below Campaigns title
Builder – tasks list – If the content is image/video only (without text), to show “no Text” or a Symbol for picture/video
Business alerts center with restrictions to users in business and brand groups only
New: Select dialog campaign background color
Date task shows in the format of the current dashboard language in the campaign dashboard and export
Alerts messages reminder funciton
Anchors in webchat UI
Set the interval to be a calendar unit or not.
Birthday attribute to be in the list of “Save answer as a user attribute”
Date interaction to set date parts mandatory (day, month and year)
Widget options to hide the icon but show the avatar on close
Swiper dynamically adjusting the height
Google sheet placeholders {task.ID.sheet.result}, {task.ID.sheet.result.A} .. etc
Force dialog UI to be in the same dialog language if the dialog is in one language only
Make the editor in the builder always visible for the text fields
Duplicate template campaigns alerts
Google suggestions placeholders available after picking an address suggestion: {google.Place}, {google.ZipCode} … etc & showing them in the placeholders list
Show the incident campaign name on the incident task in the interactions list
Show + or – beside the tag interaction to indicate if it’s to add or remove the tag
Use job start date instead of completion date in the reports conditions
Update the campaign dashboard main chart to work with job start dates instead of completion dates
Fallback to open the agreement link in a new window if it fails to open in a popup in the dialog custom terms
Show the address field placeholder according to the selected address parts (dialog)
Restrict dialog google address suggestions to a set of countries
Load the google suggestions from google sheets for incidents campaigns as well

September 2020

SAP integrations for creating new contact and adding attributes
Alerts center (for admins only) with the “Launch” button showing the count of recipients confirmation before sending the alert.
MailChimp integration at the same level as ActiveCampaign
Tag new task type with the option to set if the tag should be added or removed.
Tag syncing with MailChimp, if the campaign has the option (add users to brand groups) on completion and that brand group is linked to a mailchimp integration..
HubSpot integration
Swiper including results check (to be used for marketing quiz function), duplication issue fixed. Note: please make sure all the weights for a/b,single/multiple choices tasks are set correctly, if one of them is not relevant to the result calculation, it should be 0.
Fix duplicating subchoices tasks on campaign duplication.
Update Geo coordinates/address of campaign location if updated in the location library.
First task HTML in “Get Link” with options to copy links only, preview, include user UID and language choosing.
Keep showing the T&C in the footer if the first task is an information task until the first task is answered.
Widget option behavior after closing the dialog (show button/show avatar only)
Showing the business active web users in the main page of the dashboard.
Show all the business attributes in the search results in the business location library.
Expanding the width of the localization step in the builder.
Update the delay time in the tasks list in the builder without refresh.
Showing the tasks numbers in the localizations step.
Fixing the issue of incidents to show in the user language.

August 2020

Dashboard accept new terms pop up for web user

Dialog campaign multiple custom terms and conditions titles, URLs with ability to translate them.

Dialog campaign disable option of avatars

Business dashboard: alerts journal for emails and sms

Set task choice target URL (same window, open new window)

Localize task choice URL

Set task choice background color

Set text task date validation date parts (show day, show month, show year, year range)

New date picker UI for dialog campaigns

Task view inside the alert email body with opening the dialog campaign with first task answered, UI fixed, placeholder to use: {taskview.TASKID}

Video button in the widget options for embedding dialogs

Transparent option in the widget options for embedded dialogs

Show “Get campaign link” button in the campaigns list

New integration: Google analytics

Enable personal data saving for campaign and task for dialog campaigns

Builder – Load touchpoints with progress bar on opening the campaign edit

Show powered by/terms links for first task if auto start is enabled in the dialog, hide after the first task, hide on start if auto start is not enabled

Internal pop up brackets in task texts to support custom terms opening, ex: [popup] click here [content]TERMS CONTENT HERE[/content] [/popup]

July 2020

Integrations page UI Improvements

Integrations with MailChimp & ActiveCampaign (phase 1)

Integration with SAP Marketing Cloud

Download all touchpoints QR codes fix

June 2020

New rich editor including integration with the media library

Language/Cultures management in the translations manager

Dialog text task – Google sheets integration with suggestions notes (sort by most fit, underline similar words, other option, support links … etc) – for FAQ solutions

Get link for a touchpoint to be like the campaign including showing personalized/branded URLs

Support (I Don’t know) in the dialog conditions

Fix rendering (Enable I Don’t know) in task edit

Personal data checkbox for the campaign and task

Dialog UI and functionality improvements:
– Hide task options after skipping
– Scrolldown to the text input if an option with “Enter free text” enabled is clicked
– Update hidden tasks values during the dialog
– Support conditions for google spreadsheet suggestions result

May 2020

Incidents for recurring dialog sequences

New function in dialog: Book appointment

New integrations: Google sheets, Google calendar

Updated actions list in Campaign dashboard

New features in dialog: Just image, Background desktop/image

Save user attributes with timestamp

Alert customisation: Tailored Sender name and Reply to

April 2020

Save campaign with individual subdomains

New task type “Jump to”

Priority selection of the follow-up communication

Text input field optimised

New placeholders for campaigns and results (polls, calculations”)

March 2020

New function: Stripe payment

Assigning default values of hidden tasks before submission to support having updated placeholders (users/task answers) during the dialog

Support tasks/users placeholders and formulas in hidden tasks default values

Moving the A/B, single choices/ multiple choices/ slider options outside the message box

Show multiple choices task selected choices texts instead of ids in the alerts placeholders.

Fix conditions on following tasks of single/multiple task with subchoices that use these subchoices tasks in the conditions.

Fix a case of the subchoices if the parent task is a single choice and the subchoices tasks are multiple choices, to unselect the choices from other subchoices tasks

Show a custom logo in the dialog header if the option (show logo instead of title in the header) is enabled

February 2020

New function: Step back

Adjusted UI (choices outside question box)

Automated Dialog validation at any point chosen